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CD Sound Track For the Movie " In Search of a Perfect World"

The sound track to the movie " In Search of a Perfect World" was writen or arranged by Rusty Lindberg The movie screen play and book are also Rusty's handy work. The Movie starts with the hanging of Martin Posey in down town Edgfield South Carolina in 1850,and follows the empty whiskey bottle form Posey's last drink from 1850 to 2012 showing that a piece of trash can change the coarse of history.

Hidden within the the tales of tribulation and torment which was the fuel that formed America, a  small but critical tale,of the location of the " Perfect World"  can be found at the location of the Sacret Harp which is accesalble to those who wish to live in The Perfect World". A tale of the formation of the American and particularly the Souhern Culture. The CD is performed by Rusty Lindberg who is a classical guitarist and is also familiar with early American music. Rusty performs the 12 track 43 minute CD on four vitage style guitars dating from the 1850's to the 1940's.

Tracks are:

1.Carolina Creek The Awakening

2.Carolina Creek The Gathering

3.Carolina Creek The Run

4.Jesus on the Mainline                     

5.The Entertainer    

6.Vigilante Man        

7.Lost Dog Blues            

8.Tribute to a Friend              

9. Weeping Willow              

10. April Showers            

11. Swipesy Cake Walk                

12.Breeze From Alabama                

13. Coming In On a Wing and a Prayer                


15. O Glory

16.Ol' Man River


Price $10 free shipping